Malware Removal Lincoln NE

Do you think that you might have malware on your computer? It can be hard to tell. Some malware is very sneaky and can hide in your system without being easy to detect. Fortunately, some malware is a little more obvious, and leaves traces of its existence. Here are some clues that malware is hiding on your computer:

Really slow performance

  • All computers slow down a little bit over time, but if your machine has had a sudden drop in performance, it’s very likely to be malware-related.

Troubles with the internet

  • Many types of malware interfere with your internet connection and this can cause odd things to happen: a slow connection, your homepage changes, extra bars around the edges that you didn’t install, search results look weird, popup windows that appear even when you’re not on a web page, and not being able to get to certain web pages.

Desktop changes

  • Some malware does some very scary things like changing your desktop image to something that tries to convince you to buy fake software.

Missing icons

  • Some recent malware tries to scare you into buying fake software by telling you that you’re infected with numerous viruses and then hiding your desktop and start menu icons.

Nagging alerts

  • Many recent types of malware disguise themselves as “antivirus” software and constantly put alerts on the screen telling you that you’re infected.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s a fair bet that you’re infected with something that’s going to have to be removed from your system.

Fortunately, you have options. If you think that you have malware on your computer, don’t hesitate to contact us.