IT Risk Assessment

Managing IT can be a risky endeavor because your entire company thrives on the information stored on computers and servers. Research shows that a company that experiences a computer outage lasting for more than 10 days will never fully recover financially and that 50% of companies suffering such predicament will be out of business within five years. An IT risk assessment by Network Infrastructure Technology can uncover potential threats to your IT infrastructure and advise on best practices to safeguard your system against all uncertainty. We provide a full IT risk assessment and backup plan that can include hosting solutions out of Lincoln Nebraska, mirror solutions and recovery plans that execute immediately. These projects involve technical expertise of the highest level and we can deliver it. We can prevent the threats that jeopardize your information:

  • Human error
  • Computer viruses
  • Hardware failure
  • Software corruption
  • Theft
  • Unauthorized access
  • Hardware destruction

An IT vulnerability assessment should precede any alteration to your network. Our Full Network Assessment Program involves a full evaluation of your system that will identify bottlenecks, security holes and present you with solutions – not just point out the problems. This proactive approach will help springboard your business, with specifically tailored strategic advantages, to put your business ahead of its competitors. Keeping up with advancements in converging voice, video and data, while having system-wide security, is a demanding task. With an IT risk assessment, your less-than-current systems can be modernized to act as an automatic safety net against today’s fast-moving viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and denial-of-service attacks.

Modernize Your IT Infrastructure

An IT vulnerability assessment can reveal deep-seated flaws about your IT infrastructure that are less than pleasant to face. It is easy to disregard recommendations for upgrades, but the reality is, if you let your network infrastructure age beyond its years, you are not saving money by not upgrading; rather you are delaying the inevitable and your business will eventually pay the costs, whether it’s a monetary loss due to downtime or a loss of competitive advantage due to aging infrastructure.

Armor IT Solutions considers every business a part of the IT business, which means Information Technology and your company cannot exist separately. You need the mobility, availability and reliability that results from the best technology. Whether you’re located in Lincoln Nebraska¬†or surrounding areas, or across the globe, we can test your systems for risks and threats and help you renew the IST that is such an integral part of your everyday operations.