Desktop Tune-Up Optimization

Are you like most people who brought their desktops home, ecstatic about how fast it was running, and now months later are unhappy with how much it has slowed down? Do you feel like everything you do is sluggish and takes forever to load? Let us tune-up your desktop or completely optimize it for speed and efficiency and get it running like new! The services we offer are:

Desktop Tune-Up

We’ll quickly fix the most common problems plaguing desktops: Startup clutter, registry errors, temporary file overload, poor anti-virus security, disk fragmentation, and more! If you don’t think your computer has any issues but just isn’t living up to its speed potential, this is the service for you.


Desktop Optimization

Oftentimes through use or even fresh out of the box, your desktop can become burdened with bloatware, spyware, malware, registry errors, Startup clutter, fragments on your disk, poor choices in software, and more. Desktop Optimization will optimize everything about your desktop for speed, efficiency, and safety. We’ll have it running even better than it was on day one!


At Armor IT Solutions, we call ourselves “Desktop Repair Specialists” because that’s exactly what we do. We have dedicated desktop repair technicians that are prepared to resolve any desktop issues or problems you might have. Give us a call today, and you’ll see the difference between a Armor IT Solutions technician, and the other guys. Our Armor IT Solutions Guarantee is to always give exception customer service and technical support. If you have a problem with your desktop, call Armor IT Solutions for prompt repair or replacement. We’re happy to help