Computer Network Security

In today’s complex IT systems with many security systems implemented in an organization (firewall, IPS, content filters, application security, anti virus, OS security etc.), It has become a fact that more security tools doesn’t make you more secure, better management does. Organizations know that security is more then a product, processes needs to be established for it to meet the rising risk to organizations assets.
Nit provides a central working place for managing the risks that organizations are facing. Nit enables role based views, allowing different roles to view and manage different security components.

Armor IT Solutions operates in several layers:

  • Proactive/reactive response to events. -You get an upper view of the security status of the organization.
  • Deduction, aggregation and prioritization of logs from various systems.
  • Smart correlation of all information for better handling of the security events according to what is important to your priorities.

We can offer:

24/7 Management, Monitoring, and support by trained and dedicated professionals

  1. application service management – Define service level that meet your users needs Deploy a holistic performance and availability monitoring platform to help you identify problem causes and avoid future problems ,Measure risks ,Identify system bottlenecks before end-users are impacted
  2. Continuity planning system services- Full system services on all the computing infrastructure of the customer, managing the hardware and software .managing the mail systems, proactive identifying and solving problem using dedicated management and maintenance tools.
  3. Secured internet services (content filtering and other security services) with guaranteed SLA, while delivering mail and DNS services.
  4. Reliable Communication/Management Channel – Nit proprietary Security Defense Appliance provides a secure, fault-tolerant communication and management channel. This enables Nit to remotely monitor its customers’ firewalls, install system and software updates and deploy innovative security technologies.
  5. All organization communication infrastructure management (routers, switches, content, QOS.) by Nit communication professionals, while proactive identifying and solving problem using dedicated management and maintenance tools.
  6. Remote Firewalls Management, policy backups, weekly reports and other security products management (IPS, content filtering, anti-virus).
  7. Co-Locating/Hosting – servers hosting services in a secured environment with a high bandwidth redundant and secured.
  8. Standing in HIPAA privacy and security regulations.
  9. Security monitoring
  10. Writing and planning your security policies
  11. Security Monitoring – 24×7 monitoring of security events, which are captured, analyzed and correlated in real-time

Armor IT Solutions experience providing managed services via security center has developed a proven methodology for creating operation centers. Our security service is a dedicated IT expert’s management and control professional center. This center delivers Armor IT Solutions customers with the special managed services in the system, communication and security fields. The customer major benefit: proactive management of all IT infrastructures, in the highest professional level, with Armor IT Solutions technical support, while committing to the best security level that available.